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Australian born, Austin based


As a multi-dimensional talent, and multi-passionate artist, Australian-born Jessica Voigt-Page balances a varied career as a classical saxophonist, educator, professor, businesswoman, chamber musician, blogger, speaker, career coach, advocate and entrepreneur.

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Applying to and auditioning for college music programs can be a daunting task. 

I know how confusing it can be to understand the music college application and audition process, and I know its not always easy to get the information you need, or want as you prepare.  

I'm here to be your guide, cheerleader and advocate as you go through the college application and audition process. Together, we will create a plan, I will keep you on task, and we will make sure you put your best foot forward in your audition!

Over the last thee years, my private students have ALL been accepted into amazing programs, and are studying at their chosen schools. Thats a 100% success rate for college audition prep coaching! 

I LOVE working with students to help through the application and audition process, and I am super excited to help YOU!

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Career Services for professionals

Whether you need help making your job applications sparkle

 or figuring out what you need to include on your website

or you need some support as you build your brand/business/project

 I am trained, experienced and most importantly EXCITED to help you down your own path to success, and help you uncover your career superpower!

Website consultation

Biography writing

College applications (undergraduate and graduate)

Build your own Private studio!

Resume and Curriculum Vitae building/editing

Cover letter writing

Recital Program editing

Event flyer consulting