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As a multi-dimensional talent, and multi-passionate artist, Australian-born Jessica Voigt-Page balances a varied career as a classical saxophonist, educator, professor, businesswoman, chamber musician, blogger, speaker, career coach, advocate and entrepreneur. 

After graduating from The University of Iowa in 2013, Jessica relocated to Austin, Texas where she quickly gained recognition in the local scene as a talented performer, established Saxophone Academy Austin, joined the faculty at Baylor University as Adjunct Instructor of Saxophone, and is the Administrative Assistant for the Longhorn Music Camp at The University of Texas Butler School of Music. 

Jessica founded the Abundant Musician Project in 2015 to guide young musicians through the process of engineering their careers in the arts, and has presented lectures on Music Entrepreneurship and career development at various Universities and conferences around the US. Jessica initiated the Compass Labs Series at Baylor University's School of Music to help guide and inspire students to design their futures, and works with students individually to help prepare job application materials and digital presence. 

She is also a D’Addario Woodwinds Performing Artist and Beaumont music artist.