College Music Audition Preparation!

Applying to and auditioning for college music programs can be a daunting task. We ALL know it, and luckily for you, I've done it many times!

I know how confusing it can be to understand the music college application and audition process, and I know its not always easy to get the information you need, or want as you prepare.  

I'm here to be your guide, cheerleader and advocate as you go through the college application and audition process. Together, we will create a plan, I will keep you on task, and we will make sure you put your best foot forward in your audition!

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Over the last thee years, my College Audition Preparation students have ALL been accepted into amazing programs, and are studying at their chosen schools.

Thats a 100% success rate for college audition prep coaching! 

I LOVE working with students to help guide them through the application and audition process, and I am super excited to help YOU!

Lets Get Started!


To get started, the first step is a private consultation with me!

Parents and guardians are encouraged to be part of this conversation, so we can all be on the same page, and share the same vision! This can be done in person (in Austin, TX), or via skype. 

Consultations are required for ALL applicants.

At the end of our consultation, you'll have: 

  • A list of up to 10 schools to consider based on your preferences, experience and goals.  - Jess will assess ability and will develop a list with a range of options  for Music Education or Music Performance degrees.

  • Questions Answered  - Should I study Music Performance or Music Education? How do I schedule auditions? Should I visit the schools early? Should I take lessons from the professors ahead of time? Any and all questions you have will be addressed!

  • An Assessment. - Jess will work on a plan to send to you after the consultation based on our conversation. 



To arrange your consultation call, please send an email using the form below. 
Consultation calls are required for all programs, and the cost of the call will be deducted from the selected program fees once selection is confirmed. 

For Subject, please enter "College Audition Prep Programs"

Once received, I will send you a PDF with program information and package options. I will also send you some consultation option times to choose from so we can set aside a mutually acceptable time for us to chat! If you are able to meet me in Austin, TX, I would be happy to have this consultation in person. Please let me know if this is your preference. 

Consultations are $120 for 60 minutes. (But remember, this will be deducted from your package cost).

60 minute initial consultation
Add To Cart
  •  A list of solo pieces you've performed over the last two years (please include if these pieces were class 1, 2 or 3 for Solo and Ensemble)

  • A list of questions

  • Ideas about schools you might be interested in. 

  • If you have recordings on youtube, please send them to me ahead of our meeting

Do I have to commit to coaching  after this consultation? 

No. This is a non-binding consultation. If you do continue coaching, the cost of the consultation will be discounted from whichever coaching plan you pursue. 


When should I do a private consultation? 

I recommend students begin coaching during their Senior or Junior year. Seniors should start their consultation as soon as possible as auditions can begin as early as January!


I'm only a Freshman/Sophomore right now. Is it too early to do a consultation? 

It's never too early to begin making a game plan. We will tailor the session to discuss what your journey should look like over the next few years, what summer programs to pursue, etc. 


My parents aren't available. Can I still do a consultation? 

Yes. Although its better if your parents can be there so they can also ask questions and we can all be on the same page!


I have an extremely busy schedule. What are your coaching hours? 

I also have a busy schedule, which is why coaching is limited to only a small number of students each year. Coaching takes place at a mutually agreed upon time and date, and we will book these as far in advance as possible to ensure all schedules align. 


If I need to cancel or reschedule my coaching sessions, is this possible?

When you sign up for a program, you will be given information about policies and expectations. Generally though, unless ample notice is given, its very hard to reschedule. Missed coaching sessions without notice cannot be rescheduled. This is to ensure all students receive equal time, access and to encourage strong communication and time management skills which are absolutely necessary for success in every musician's future!

Other questions?

Please feel free to email me directly at and I will be more than happy to answer your specific questions.