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College application and audition for saxophonists

For young saxophonists looking to combine college application and audition preparation with regular private lessons, I offer special coaching packages. 

Designed with the saxophonist in mind, we will work together on the saxophone-specific areas of audition preparation. 

Together, we will select appropriate audition repertoire, prepare technical requirements and go above and beyond to ensure your application is outstanding. 

I have been teaching saxophonists for over ten years, and know what the expectations are for college saxophone majors.

Lessons will also cover any all state, band or solo and ensemble requirements you may have through school, and will also present you with opportunities for competitions and performances. 

My students are successful in college audition as well as all-state, solo and ensemble and other competitions and I ensure all students are well rounded, knowledgeable and are at the top of their game when auditions come around. 



Who is eligible?

Current junior or senior students who are looking to attend college as music majors

How many places are available?

5 only. This is to ensure your student receives the necessary1:1 attention to propel them to success. 

Do I have to live in Austin, TX?

No, but our lessons will take place in person in Austin, TX, so you will need to be able to drive to our lesson location. If you do live outside of Austin, we can work out the best time for you to assist with traffic. 

Do i have to audition?

Yes. All students must audition. This can be done through video submission, or in person. 



How do I apply?

Please email to receive information about the application process. 

When are applications due?

For seniors, all applications for college prep lessons are due September 10, 2017. 

For juniors, we can begin at any time during the school year, however due to the small studio numbers, places cannot be guaranteed.