College audition prep!

Applying to and auditioning for college music programs can be a daunting process. 

I know how confusing it can be to understand the music college application and audition process, and I know its not always easy to get the information you need, or want as you prepare. 

When I applied to study in the US, I was living in Australia and having to call colleges at 2am my time to get the answers I needed! 

Because I know how challenging this process can be, I work extra-hard with my private saxophone students to ensure they're prepared, everything makes sense, and they're excited to audition for, and attend their chosen schools! 

Over the last thee years, my private students have ALL been accepted into amazing programs, and are studying at their chosen schools. Thats a 100% success rate for college audition prep coaching! 

I LOVE working with students to help through the application and audition process, and I am super excited to help YOU!

The best part? 


Thats right, I am ALL ABOUT helping you regardless of your instrument

So, what is college audition coaching all about?

I'm here to be you guide, cheerleader and advocate as you go through the college application and audition process. Together, we will create a plan, I will keep you on task, and we will make sure you put your best foot forward in your audition!


Knowing which schools to apply for can be a totally confusing task! Together, we will compile a list of colleges for you to consider, after researching the programs, Professors and requirements for acceptance. We will list Reaches, Matches and Safety schools to ensure you maximize your audition options, taking into account each student's unique goals, hopes and talent. Each student receives a college list uniquely designed for them!


One of the most intimidating tasks students face is selecting the "right" repertoire to showcase their skills, musicality, and put their best foot forward. We will work together to determine great options for each student (this will likely be in conjunction with private lesson instrumental instructors, which we recommend ALL college prep students have), based on each college's audition requirements. We will also ensure this process is streamlined so students don't have to learn new pieces for each audition, but rather have a recital program they can "shop around"


Do you know the Professors you are wanting to study with? Have you met them? Do they know you?  Networking with Professors is helpful to the college audition process and we will create a plan for how each student can get to know their future professors early. You might be auditioning for the Professors, but you should also know if they're going to be the right fit for you!


You might think that the audition is just about how you play in front of the Professor, but in reality, there is SO much more to it! We will work together to get prepared for the audition and will go through tips and tricks to help you maximize your audition's impact!  Hint: we're going to create some amazing resources and things to help you WOW the Professors!


Confused about in-state vs out of state tuition? Not sure how to apply for scholarships, or where to even look? We will go through information about scholarship, help you know what to ask and review scholarship offers as they're made (or not made - sometimes no scholarship can even be a great thing!)


Once offers are in, we will go through the pros and cons of each option and I will help you as you make your decisions about college!!! 

Please note: I cannot guarantee acceptance to college for music studies as this is a process that each student must fully commit to. To ensure maximum success, I strongly recommend each student takes private lessons on their primary instrument with the best teacher they can find. My specialty is working through the application and audition process, but at the end of the day, a student must be prepared to practice harder than they ever have before, and to commit to the work we do together to receive the combined benefits. 
I aim to send each of my students to the college that best suits them, and that does not always mean the #1 school in the country.