“Choosing to study with Jessica Voigt-Page for my final two and a half years of high school was the best decision I’ve ever made. An incredibly talented educator and saxophonist, and an astonishingly successful entrepreneur - there’s nothing more one could ask for in a role model and teacher. She inspires me every day and because of her, I am where I am today.”

- Jacob F. Undergraduate Saxophonist, 2018

“Working with Jess Voigt-Page was not only incredibly helpful for the logistical planning and design of my project, but her coaching enabled me to understand the true vision and potential of my project as a whole. Her wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience enabled me to take my idea of a low brass summer camp and ultimately create an event that gives students in Texas unique opportunities to perform, collaborate, and to learn from some of the best low brass instructors in the United States.  Jess was easy to talk to, she followed up after our meetings in a timely manner, was always available to answer quick questions that I had, and she truly cared about my ideas and my goals.  My time with her was integral in making the Texas Low Brass Academy come to life!”

 -Kevin F, Texas Low Brass Academy, 2019

“Jess Voigt-Page is one of the most highly organized and professional people I've had the opportunity to work with. She is consistently striving for ways to inspire, excite, and motivate the next generation of artists. Her dedication to her work is nothing short of inspiring! And even with a hectic schedule, she still manages to be an incredible person and musician.”

- Dr. Nathan Mertens

“Mrs. Voigt-Page made me find a greater love for the saxophone. She motivates me through every obstacle I face. She encourages me to audition for and join new and intimidating things. She is an extraordinary teacher and fellow musician that I can rely on for anything.

Her teaching inspires me to become an educator myself so I can spread the joy of playing just like she does.”

-High School Senior, Austin, TX, 2016 

“Studying saxophone under Mrs. Jessica Voigt-Page helped me not just with my playing of the instrument, but it helped me make a major life choice. When I started lessons with her I had no idea what I wanted to study in college. Mrs. Voigt-Page’s tutelage guided me to being a Music Studies Major at the University of Texas at San Antonio and has provided me with the skills to practice, learn, and perform.”

- High School Senior, Austin, TX, 2014